10 Facts You Should Know About Esthetics Schools

Esthetics is basically the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste. When one hears esthetic school, mind jumps to the one place where they learn to magnify this beauty; it’s the place that churns out cosmetologists. It is one career which takes care of your creative side as well as maintains the financial stability. A career of serving the most basic need of human, the beautification process. Cosmetologist degree holders basically indicate someone interested in going into skin care-care business, or maybe into becoming a beautician. Whatever the case may be, a good esthetician first needs the degree, a diploma that certifies that he/she is educated enough to treat people. People will not, blindly trust you with treating them for it is a delicate issue with most of us. So to gain that confidence and an entry into this field, a certification is a must. There are great schools around that ensure you get the degree but which one is right for you? Now here we have some pointers for you to follow.


1)    The sure shoot way of judging a school is if they can give you the best of both worlds. The best places will give you a well-rounded education; they give you theory as well as practical knowledge. If it is just theory, you are being fooled for you will never know how to deal with some complicated issues. If it is just practical, you are being taken for a ride. With practice, you don’t get the why answered, it’s just the how. Now if there is a balance between the hand-on lessons and lectures, you are ta the right place.

2)    Esthetic schools teach you specialized techniques which focus on facial care for most of the part. Deep pore cleansing, facial skin analysis, masks and facial massage as well. Choose the school which offers you the subjects of your choice. It must be noted that some particular schools have specific specialization specialty. Pick your choice wisely.

3)    Check on the degree offered at your school of choice. These courses often run for a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 2 years for Associate’s degrees. The time limit is very important based on timeline of your career.

4)    One thing you associate with your esthetics is that they just ‘get you’. A good school is the one which teaches you how ‘to get’ the consumer. In such schools you get lessons on customer relations and communication skills. This makes handling different skin types easy as you can communicate with them and make your points known without offending or confusing them. If you plan to set up your own business, this is a great addition to you.

5)    Esthetician training programs vary from schools to schools. Some of the lessons you may or may not get from these training courses include exfoliation techniques, chemical peels and techniques, makeup artistry, body wraps, use of facial equipment, waxing and hair removal and salon business management.

6)    Depending on the schools you choose, you will have to present the school with high school diploma. Keep a check on what transcripts are needed so that you go in well prepared.

7)    If you just want to practice brush on the esthetician skills, choose the place accordingly, for many schools place just as much emphasis on communication skills as they do on the esthetic aspect.

8)    Online may be the way to go for many counts of life. Esthetic schools are one of them. They may be perfect in the sense of flexibility and the courses offered but beware, there are many states that do not accept these certifications and that may pose major problem for you. If would be very sad if all the hard work would go down the drain just because you did not cross check the accreditation beforehand.

9)    Names of the school play an important role in the credibility you gain from the certification. In such cases, remember this when you enroll in your choice of school. If you wish to practice your craft in some particular state, then it is advisable that you enroll in the top-notch school in that area. This way you have to face minimal hassle in relation to the licensing. This being said, it’s understood that every state has their own system of awarding the license to operate. If you get educated in the state you wish to practice, it becomes easier for you to get the license and practice there.

10)  The one thing where majority of the people feel cheated is when they do      not go and visit the place in person, and rely on the online websites, such as this one. It is always recommended that you visit the place yourself and check out what they have to offer and the ‘feel’ of the place.