5 Laser Hair Removal Myths You Should Know About

There have been some speculations about the laser hair removal technique some of which are too far-fetched. Due to misinformation, some myths about laser hair removal have been spread that sometimes make people shy away from the process altogether. Laser hair removal is done by highly trained technicians who attend the best esthetics school.

This removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair. It is draining to keep shaving your legs all the time and thanks to laser hair removal, this task has been marked off the to-do list of so many people. It is a medical procedure that uses a pulsating beam that is directed towards the skin to damage hair follicles to get rid of unwanted hair. It is a safe procedure which has been used for years and is medically approved. The following are myths about the laser hair removal some of which have some truth to them while others are just outrageously wrong.

Laser hair removal endangers internal organs

Most people think that the laser beam used in the procedure can penetrate deep and cause damage to internal organs. This is false. A laser beam usually penetrates a depth of 1-4mm on the skin during the treatment. The beam is directed to hair follicles that facilitate the production of hair and the appropriate amount of heat is directed there to ensure that the follicles are destroyed. After the procedure, one can notice a slight reddening of the skin but that is a normal reaction. It usually goes away after a few hours.

Laser hair removal is painful

Laser hair removal

This is a subject that has been discussed for long and for the past 20 years, dermatologists and laser manufacturers have continued to work tirelessly to improve the quality of treatment. A few years ago the hair removal hairs were analog but now they are more advanced to personal computers. The process has become smoother and has been improved to make the process more comfortable. We cannot entirely say that the process is painless now since individuals perceive pain in different ways. Most people compare the sensation to a stroking feeling and that rules out extreme pain.

Thicker hair grows to replace the removed hair

After a laser hair removal, our bodies go through a permanent change that affects how hair grows in the treated areas. Some parts will stop growing hair at all and some will experience an active growth phase. The hair that grows in these areas is usually soft and the volume is low compared to the previous amount. The laser beams affect the hair follicles but they in no way change the body hormone balance responsible for hair growth.

A single laser hair removal treatment is enough for effective results

This is not true. 20 percent of hair actively grows at one point and therefore this means that a single treatment cannot be enough to completely obtain the desired results. This differs from one person to the other but there is no definite number of times a person has to undergo the treatment. It is best to consult the technician behind the laser hair removal for more information on what needs to be done to ensure the desired results.

Laser hair removal does not work on dark skin

This myth was true in the recent years. Now, technology has made laser hair removal on dark skins possible. There are specific lasers that have been designed to work on dark skin. Procedures on a dark skin are not as fast and may cause a little bit more pain so therefore it is important that you seek treatments from professionals who have the experience.