5 Money-Saving Haircut Hacks That Totally Work In Toronto


If you want your hair to look at its best but are worried about the effect it may be having on your bank balance, the great news is that there are plenty of thrifty ways to look after your hair in Toronto. Here are the top five ways to save money on haircuts in Toronto.

#1. Make A Hair Donation

Many salons support a donation program such as Locks of Love. If you see a salon with one of these decals in the window, it means that they offer free haircuts. For anyone looking to shed at least 10 inches of hair, making a hair donation is the cheapest way to get a haircut in Toronto. The stylists will tastefully cut your hair into a short bob and then donate the cut hair. Hair typically ends up as hyper-realistic wigs for cancer patients, meaning that you can do some good while getting a freebie.

#2. Avoid Downtown Salons

If you don’t have enough hair to qualify for a hair donation, consider an out of town salon where rent is usually cheaper. Although salons in downtown Toronto consistently attract the most talented stylists, they have price tags to match and may not be the best choice for people on strict budgets. For less than $20, you can usually get a nice trim at a corner salon without noticing much difference.

#3. Go Longer Between Cuts

Not everyone wants to shed 10 inches of hair, nor are they prepared to accept anything less than a top-notch stylist. If want to have your cake and eat it too, going longer between cuts might be the ideal solution. By experimenting with different ways of wearing your hair or by wearing hats more often, you can sometimes go longer between cuts and other treatments such as dyes without anyone noticing.

#4. Visit A Training Saloon

When it comes to hair design, Toronto is a Mecca for talented stylists. Many people even immigrate to pick up tips from the masters and are desperate for willing volunteers on which they can hone their skills. Visiting top salons can often give you the option of having your hair styled by a trainee. Following the instructions of their mentors, trainees can give you a champagne cut for lemonade money. According to Ontario Immigration, the salary range for apprentices and skilled Hairstylists is from $14,000 to $50,000 (excluding overtime, commissions, and tips) with apprentices at the lower end of this range.

#5. Barter With An Apprentice

If you have wondered why so much of your disposable income is going on haircuts, you may be shocked by how expensive it is to train as a hairdresser. According to one hairdressing school in Toronto, most trainees spend between $5,000 and $6,000 to train while often working while they study. Many apprentices will relish the chance to gain extra practice and swap their expertise for anything from massages to interior decorating. Check out your Facebook friends for people you may be able to barter with, it might be your lucky day!