7 Mind Blowing Facts About Grey Hair

Grey hair and death have one thing in common. They are both inevitable. You will grow them someday. It could be because you are getting old or simply because grey hair is in your genes. Either way, you will grow them or they will start growing.

Whichever way you put it or look at it, you will have to take measures to ensure you look good with grey hair or you hide it. You can of course, get a good hairstylist who will make sure you look gorgeous and appealing with your grey crown. Alternatively, you can dye the grey hair black. But why in the first place do people actually get grey hair? Are there biological reasons? Can one avoid the phase? Read on to find out.


It is a process

You can’t just wake up with grey hair all over your head. The whole thing is a process. Think about it this way. Hair grows inside a follicle, which is a bulb like tube on the human scalp. Scientists estimate that a normal human scalp has up to 150,000 hair follicles, each growing air independently. But that’s not strange.

The strange thing is the fact that hair inside the follicle, in its original unpigmented state is white. It changes color once it comes in contact with melanin, a pigment that determines skin and hair color. There are tow main types of melanin – phaeomelanin and eumelanin. Phaeomelanin is reddish yellow while eumelanin is dark brown or black. Aging can either slow or stop one’s hair from accessing melanin. One’s hair will therefore come out of the follicle white, silver or grey.

Hair can bleach itself

Scientists argue that graying hair could be as a result of hydrogen peroxide build-up in the hair cell. The buildup forces hair to start bleaching itself on the inside. Note that cells naturally have portions of hydrogen peroxide. The portions are however kept in check catalese enzymes which convert excess hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. As humans age, their bodies produce less catalese enzymes. Hydrogen peroxide therefore builds up inside the hair cells and blocks the normal melanin synthesis. One therefore ends up with grey hair.


You may not know it but when you were born, your genes had already ‘figured’ out when and how your hair would turn grey. If premature aging (growing grey hair before 30) runs in the family, then there is a high likelihood that you will also grow grey hair before 30. Unfortunately, there is nothing one can do when it comes to premature aging and grey hair. It is unstoppable and as you may have already guessed, inevitable. Your best bet is shaving bald or using a good, side effect free hair dye.

Race is a factor

Research studies have proved time and again that some races develop grey hair earlier than others. Caucasians for instance, are known to grow grey hair from as early as 30 years. Asians come close. They grow grey hair in their late 40s. Africans and Europeans come last with most of them growing grey hair from the age of 40.

There is nothing wrong with plucking grey hair

You must have heard before that plucking one grey hair will cause three or four to grow in place of the one plucked hair. This is of course, a myth. Each follicle can only hold one strand of hair. Then there is the fact that each follicle on the human scalp is independent. In simple terms, each follicle minds its own business. When one does to one follicle will have no effect whatsoever on the other follicles. It should however be noted that plucking hair is highly discouraged by dermatologists. The habit can damage hair follicles and in the process completely halt hair growth.

Stress expedites graying

Live, love and laugh. That way, graying will have a hard time catching up with you. Scientists have for a long term agreed unanimously that stress can expedite or rather accelerate graying. There is however no evidence to back this claim. One thing’s for sure though. There is a direct link between stress and premature aging, and since grey hair is mostly a preserve for the aging population, you have no choice but to avoid stress.

Watch your diet

Any dermatologist or a hairdresser who has been to an esthetics training school can tell you for a fact how poor diet can affect the health of your hair. Lacks of enough vitamins and biotin can not only make you weak, but also accelerate the rate and which one grows grey hair. With that in mind, watch what you eat. Make sure that your diet is rich in vitamins and biotin. That means eating lots of vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Be sure to also work out well and drink enough water daily.