Acupressure Points To Focus On To Prevent Cold, Fever And Flu

Many of us ignore cold, fever and flu. It is simply because we look at these as non-life-threatening situations. Remember though that ignoring these illnesses can make them turn chronic thus affecting the usual pace with which our body will work on a daily basis. Why ignore it when you can actually do something about the situation. You don’t have to rely on over-the-counter medications most of the time. Just by focusing on some acupressure points and with the aid of reflexology, you can prevent these diseases from pestering you every now and then.

The point called the great abyss

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This acupressure is situated just below the thumb specifically on the hand’s palm side where the wrist crease is located. When pressing on this point, your chest becomes open since the process reduces the phlegm that gets stuck in the chest. It can also relieve you of the ankle pain that coincides with your cold, fever or flu.

The union valley point

This is that acupressure point found between the thumb and the index finger. The good thing about massaging the webs in between these two fingers is that it helps get rid of common results of cold, fever and flu. Stimulating the union valley point will promote better breathing as it clears congestion and eliminates or at least relieve you from your headache. Remember to stimulate the union valley point on both hands to make acupressure more effective.

The crooked pond spot

If you want relief from the symptoms connected to cold or you like to eliminate the high body temperature commonly associated to fever, you have to stimulate this spot. You can easily find it on top of your elbow’s crease. It is actually the pointy edge of the joint in your elbows.

The outer gate acupressure point

This acupressure point may be the hardest to locate among all acupressure points but you can always easily spot it by just remembering this. The outer gate can be found by spotting it on the forearm’s outer side. The width of the point is found three fingers above the crease on your wrist particularly on the center that links two tendons. Massaging this spot will help prevent colds from bugging you from time to time.

The spot called the wind pool

If there is one acupressure point that you must be familiar with when you want relief from cold, fever and flu that has been persistent in invading your body, this is the spot you should locate. First, you have to know your occipital bone. This is actually the region or point found halfway between your spine and your ear.

Some important things to remember

It is very important to locate the specific acupressure point depending on what particular result or symptom of cold, fever and flu that you want to treat. You might end up being confused as to which part to stimulate if you are not familiar with these points. Additionally, you have to remember that stimulating both points – whether on your right or left hands and elbows – is crucial for the reflexology to take effect in curing your illness. Neither press too hard nor too soft on the spot. Remember to learn the right technique to do so.

In this regard, it will be good to undergo esthetics training first. This will benefit you a lot not just because you will be able to prevent cold, fever and flu from bothering you but also because you will be able to use your knowledge in massage and reflexology after the training to help your loved ones. With proper training, you will also be able to learn more about the right types of massage to use for any particular illness or condition.