Applying Sunscreen: Have You Targeted The Right Spots?

Summer is here and the next thing you know, sunscreens are everywhere. You walk into a supermarket and they are all over the shelves. They are of different forms such as sprays, lotions, gel and cream and they are a must have for all of us. Choosing the best is always tricky, although a good product should protect your skin against harmful UV rays which eventually lead to sunburns or even skin cancer after a long period of their exposure. Additionally, sunscreen prevents the darkening of the skin when someone goes out in the sun.

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Do you experience sun burns on certain parts of the body, even though you are a regular user of sunscreen? Perhaps you do. This is because you forget to apply sunscreen on some areas. The application of the sunscreen is as important as the sunscreen itself. It should do its job well. When in incorrectly applied, its effectiveness reduces. You can avoid skin tans and sun burns if you took a few precautionary measures and paid more attention when applying it. Here are some of the places which are normally forgotten by many people when applying sunscreen:

At the back side of the legs

Many people who apply sunscreen normally follow a certain procedure. The shoulders are usually the first, followed by the arms and then the legs. Since this is done in a hurry, the back side of the legs is often forgotten. This explains why many people have burns on the back side of their legs and if this continues it makes them uncomfortable when they are walking.

So the next time you are applying sunscreen, remember to apply it on this area. You should not be stingy with your sunscreen. Understand the role it plays in protecting your skin and apply it generously to your legs if you want to get maximum protection against sun rays.

On the neck

Can you remember the last time you applied sunscreen on your neck? It is hard to remember, isn’t it? You are not the only one. Many people forget this particular part of their body. They think that as long as their face is protected then they are good to go. This is not the case.

Sunscreen application on the neck should never be underestimated. The neck is sensitive to harmful UV rays as well. Its exposure to the sun may lead to skin darkening and sun burns. Even when you are planning to have a scarf on, apply sunscreen on your neck. This is because you will remove the scarf at some point and your skin needs to be protected throughout the day.

On the ears

When stepping out, it is the face which is directly exposed to the heat from the sun. Many people apply sunscreen at the central part of their face. They focus on the cheeks, the nose and the forehead and forget the other areas of the face. The corners of the faces are normally totally forgotten.

Even when you have a cap, the sides are not protected. The ears, especially are often exposed to direct sunrays. Men and women with short hair are at a higher risk of ear burns. Even women who like to have their hair up are not spared either.

Do you know why the ear is the most difficult place when it comes to sunscreen application? It has a complex structure with multiple cervices and grooves. Applying sunscreen on your earlobe may not be effective enough. Skin cancer cells can be found everywhere on the year. The rims and the bowls are also vulnerable. This is why you should spare some extra time when applying sunscreen over your ears. Ensure that the entire year is protected.

On the feet

Just like the other body parts, the feet suffer from sunburns and suntans. However, this part is usually forgotten by many people when they are applying sunscreen. In fact, it is the most forgotten areas. Recent studies have confirmed that few people give attention to their foot protection and this is directly linked to the rise of foot skin cancer in the past couple of years.

Don’t take chances. Take time and apply sunscreen keenly on your feet. This is the first step towards the global fight on foot skin cancer.

On the hands

Compared to the other parts of the body, the hands are the most exposed parts of the body to direct sunrays. Yet, most of us forget to apply sunscreen on our hands. We think that they are tough enough to resist the rays. This is just a myth. There is no skin, which is resistant to the harmful rays. They can suffer severe tans as wells. Your nails which have been manicured can be ruined too.

So remember to apply sunscreen on your hands when you are stepping out of the house. If you think that you will forget to apply sunscreen on them, it is better to start with them and then the other parts can follow.

There is more than you can learn about sunscreens. All you need to do is to enroll in one of the beauty schools and share the useful information with your clients!