Beauty Schools are a Great Alternative to Traditional Universities

According to a 2009 report by the National Governors Association, at least 75 percent of the jobs in 2014 will require a post-secondary degree or certificate. While higher education can help you compete in the rat race job market of tomorrow, you need to choose a degree or school that will contribute directly to your career. This is not to say that traditional college degrees and programs are not important or helpful, but your chances in the job market will increase in the options available with a short term certificate or diploma program.

If you are one of those people who do not want to deal with late night studying or regular school work, then do not buckle to the peer pressure of getting into a four years degree program just because everyone else is. There are a range of other kinds of education available in vocational schools, such as those of beauty and aesthetics, that can become your golden ticket to career advancement. In a time when traditional professions are failing to provide desired employment as a result of the sagging economy, the job market in Toronto and Ontario is always in need of people who can make them look good on the outside and feel good inside.

Avola College Of Hairstyling & Esthetics

A beauty school teaches the students different cosmetology skills ranging from hair care and dos, makeup and skin care, manicures and pedicures and other beauty treatments. Most schools will send their candidates to competitions and workshops where they can gain internships or job opportunities with renowned beauty products and care franchise companies. Others may find employment via placements at the end of their school year or may opt to freelance or start their own business. The skills obtained from such a school have world wide application, thus making it easier for you to find employment in any country you wish to live in or visit. Most beauty schools are affordable and students do not accrue as much debt as they would attending traditional universities. Here are some reasons why beauty and cosmetology schools are a great alternative to traditional universities.

  1. It is a perfect fit for working individuals

In the current economy, not all of us can afford the school tuition fees and living expenses without having to work. This is especially true for those raising young children and bearing the rising expenses of childcare. Have obtained a vocational training as a cosmetologist at a beauty school, you can conveniently structure your schedule on your own terms. Most graduates from beauty schools work part time, full time, nights, mornings or even weekend shifts and can be worked in order to preserve your commitments to your family or other interests. Sometimes you can also work while you are studying, this goes a long way in subsidizing your school expenses.

  1. Freedom to artistically express yourself

The business of beauty thrives on creative and challenging work that allows you to express yourself artistically. There are very few professions that allow you to engage in art while at the same time gaining economic stability, but beauty schools give you such an opportunity. Not only do you get to practice your art on various mediums daily, you are also faced with fresh challenges often enough to keep your work environment rewarding and stimulating.

  1. Employment is usually sooner.

Unlike careers in medicine or law that take years of expensive schooling and a lot of time to get on the workforce, beauty schools provide immediate gratification. They allow you to gain the qualifications and certifications required to be employed or start your own business in a fraction of the time and cost as the traditional college route. Generally, most graduates from cosmetology schools find employment within two years or less. Another beneficial aspect of this kind of training is that you don’t need to wait around to be employed by someone, there is always the option to start your own business and make some money. This is not always possible with certain traditional careers since the initial investment is way larger than starting your own salon.

  1. Increase in job opportunities

According to the U. S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor statistics, the need for cosmetologists has steadily increased in the past ten years, and the average annual income of the cosmetologist continues to rise. This trend is also true for the job scenario in Ontario.  It is postulated that the need for beauty jobs will increase further by 2018. This seems likely, as with the rising population, more and more people will need to attend to their beauty needs.

Apart from all these factors, beauty schools help you find employment in a field where you can get extensive gratification out of helping others feel great about themselves.  Most graduates use this vocational school to combine their consultation skills to their artistic and creative side, with precise and effective technical skills in order to make more money. So if you are on the fence about starting a career in cosmetology, we hope that this will help to make up your mind and take the plunge. There are several reputed beauty schools in Toronto and Ontario to pick from.