Braided Hairstyles That Are Great For Any Occasion

Braids never go out of style. In fact, kids who are blessed with moms who know how to braid have had their share of different hairstyles along this specific technique. Gone are those days however when the only braided hairstyle one knows is that of the French braid. Braiding has gone a long way beyond that. Want to know which ones you can enjoy for any occasion? Here’s a list.

Sporty double bun braids

This type of braid definitely defines a sporty look. It does not mean, however, that you have to wear it only when you are going to watch your favourite baseball game or any sport you have always loved. It is perfect for summer too considering that you can pull your hair up in a bun after braiding two sides of your hair. You can start by parting your hair at the middle then take about an inch thick of hair on one side and braid. Gather all the remaining hair which was not braided on that side then tie it up going as high as possible. Do the same thing on the other side.

The posh crown braid

If you are about to attend a dinner party or a wedding, this up-do will definitely look great on you. You can wear this to a casual party or even a day at work. This one can be done by parting your hair into two sections. After braiding, make sure you secure each end with an elastic. You can loosen the loops to give volume to the braid. Create a crown by flipping the braids up and securing it with a bobby pin.

The not-so-complicated waterfall twist

If there is one type of braided hairstyle that you can easily wear to whatever occasion, this is no less than the waterfall twist. This is not called a twist for nothing. It is a simple twisted hairstyle that makes use of only two strands of hair as opposed to the usual sectioning of one bunch of hair into three. You simply have to twist the hair then take a strand and allow it to cross down to the twist. Twist again then take another strand and let it fall. Do this repeatedly until you have created the waterfall effect on all sections of your hair.

The voluminous side braid

If you have been tired of the usual three-section braid then why not try another type of braid that will give your hair more volume? All you have to do is gather all your hair to one side. Divide that into two then braid one section as usual. Secure with an elastic.  Take the remaining bunch of hair and braid the same way you did to the other portion. Once you are done with this section, remove the elastic from the other section then use the same to secure the end of both sections. The end result – a thicker braid.

The 90’s pigtail braid

This, like the French braid, has never gone out of style. This is a popular braid amongst a lot of celebrities especially the younger ones. All you have to do is part your hair at the middle and from there, start braiding the first section from your ears going down then securing with an elastic after. Do the same thing to the other section of your hair. Voila! You will get that school girl look again.

These are but a few of the braided hairstyles that you can wear every day to any occasion. There are a lot more styles to explore.  Hairdressing schools in Ontario offer a variety of services too, including different braided hairstyles for those of you who want to experience how experts do it with much ease.