How To Bring Back The Glow To Dull Skin

Due to the changing weather conditions and stressful situations, there is a chance that your skin will go with the changes too. It can go red and rosy on a winter day, and it can be sunburned during the summer. It can also become dry during fall and spring. These many changes can either be favourable or totally distressing. However, when you notice that the usual glow of your skin is lost, there is enough reason to be alarmed. The good news is you can do something about that. Here is how you can bring back the glow to dull skin:

Exfoliate well

Many of you who notice dry skin will surely feel that it is dry even to one’s touch. You really do not have to worry about that problem. The secret is to make sure you exfoliate well. Many exfoliating products can be bought from the market easily. Just by following the instructions on the package, you will get shinier skin after a few ‘sessions’. This is because the process is known to help take away dry, chaffed cells from the surface. Take note that exfoliating should not be done daily. You can do it twice every week or once a week depending on the product you buy.

Drink plenty of water


One of the things that you might be forgetting is the importance of drinking the right amount of water on a daily basis. Yes, you cannot physically see how hydrating with water can benefit you without actually seeing its results on your skin. Another hydrating tip is to use a moisturiser that is best suited for your skin type.

Cleansing your skin is also crucial

How often should you cleanse your skin? Rule of thumb dictates that you should do it at least twice a day. Remember that you should not sleep with your makeup on or the dirt will build-up on your face thus resulting to skin impurities that will make your face look dry. You can also get a warm bath before you sleep at night to remove any excess dust and dirt on the skin.


Exercising improves breathing patterns and will lead to glowing skin. Some of you think that breathing alone can help bring the glow back to your skin but when you see that the skin remains dry even if you know you are breathing properly, breathing exercises are your best defence. Other forms of exercises are known to help improve blood circulation. It also makes you sweat thus helping you release toxins and dirt from your body. Toxins, as you know, lead to dull skin.

Use the right beauty treatment

Yes, you have your own beauty regimen at home. You cleanse then tone then moisturise your skin twice a day. You notice, however that these home beauty treatments are not enough to make your skin glow. You know too that you got the right products for your skin type and yet you still do not achieve the shine you want from your skin. With this, you start asking yourself what you can be doing wrong.

When this happens, remember to go an extra mile to keep your skin glowing. There are different beauty treatments that can be done in salons whose purpose is to get that sheen back. Experts use dermarollers or recommend skin peels as the case may be. These individuals know what they are doing and will get your skin analysed before they perform beauty treatments on you.

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