Starting Your Own Hair And Spa Salon: 4 Pitfalls to Avoid

In this day and age, having a hair salon can be big business, thus choosing this as a career is not...

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Is Pregnancy Acne Driving You Crazy? This Is What You Can Do!

It is a common sight to see pregnant women with acne. If you are going through this, you do not have...

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How To Get Glowing Skin During Pregnancy

Some women are lucky to have glowing skin during pregnancy. Others, however, have to struggle with c...

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5 Laser Hair Removal Myths You Should Know About

There have been some speculations about the laser hair removal technique some of which are too far-f...

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The Use Of Microdermabrasion Treatments To Improve Skin Care

As you enroll to take a course in esthetics training, it is paramount to understand the different pr...

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