Cool Hair Colours To Try This Summer

It is common to change hairstyles, specifically cut one’s hair during summer time. This can be your way to at least defeat the heat that the season brings. Aside from focusing your thoughts on getting a haircut this summer, however, you might want to give cool hair colours a try. After all, this is the right time to jump ship into something new for you since you will be going out under the sun (or even during the night) most of the time. What are your options? Here is a list of hues you may consider.

Cooler shades of blonde

You will definitely be familiar with the cool shade called blonde but you can always take things a notch higher to make yours look cooler for the season. Your options in this regard are no less than smoked taupe, creamy platinum ash and creamy ginger. Soft mink tones will surely add more style to the usual touch of brunette on your hair.

Warm honey tone

A dash of something darker to your blonde hair will also be a cool option for summer. Warm honey tones will add that vibrant colour to your hair without getting overboard. The good thing about this hair colour is that you can still enjoy the same dimension you want with just some highlights here and there for a lighter and brighter hue.

A dash of red

When you have grown tired of your usual hair colour, it will be a great idea to fuse in some hints of strawberry colour into it. You have to note that there are some people who are blessed to just grow some reds on their hair without visiting the salon. If you are not one of them, you can always visit salons offering hair colour services. They can help you choose the right hint of red to match your existing hair colour. Strawberry red is good for any hair colour as well.


This never goes out of style. White blonde – as this hair colour is usually called – this one glows even more when you go under the sun for some tan. The bleach from opting to go platinum however may feel warm on the skin. Keep it cool by covering up or preparing your chlorine-removal shampoo as the case may be.

The tie-dye

If you are familiar with tie-dye shirts, it will be easier for you to picture how this hair colour option will look on you. You can always experiment on the colours you will want to add with your usual hue. In fact, to make it look cooler, you can add as many colours as you want to your hair if you want to. But of course, you can always settle for colours within the same colour hue to keep things simple. You can have the colours added perfectly to your curls too.

Glossy hair colours


Glossy and vivid colour hues will surely make you look great during summer. Blues are popular choices for such hair colours. You can also try any of the colours of the rainbow. Go to a salon near you and try this colour to replace your existing one or if you want, you can use the vivid colour options to highlight some parts of your hair.

Summertime is definitely the best time to change the way you look, your hair specifically. With the cool colour options mentioned above, you will never have second thoughts doing so. You might want to experiment on doing it yourself as well. With this, it is advised to enrol in a hairstyling school in Toronto. When you do, you will be able to change hair colours and hairstyles anytime you want.