How To Decide On The Best Facial Type According To Your Skin

Without much dispute, it is axiomatic that different people acquire different kind of skin. Whether it is regarding its texture, moisture, level of vulnerability to acne, it is obvious to conclude that these different kinds of skin require different kinds of facials. It is not smart or prudent for everyone to rely on one singular and universal method as that would not be effective in addressing dissimilar needs. Hence, this article is here to inform you in detail different facials which will be able to cater to the needs of a variety of facial types.

Skin susceptible to acne


If you have skin which is highly vulnerable to acne, it is incredibly recommended that you carry out the usual and established method of deep cleansing facial. This treatment can be used by both men and women. It consists of a mixture of steaming, deep cleansing, healing masks, moisturizing and facial extractions to get rid of sebum. What’s more, glycolic and salicylic acids are also used and targeted at stopping acne outbursts. This treatment is very practical and straightforward in attempting to combat the plight of acne.

If you are a teenager enduring the epicentre of puberty with frequent pimple flare-ups and outbursts, there is a much tailored teen facial to cater to the needs of your adolescent facial skin. It consists of deep cleansing, and then a couple of extractions. You will then be given a healing mask to rehydrate your skin and remove oily elements. What makes this facial all the more attractive is that usually, practitioners will also educate teens on the weighty significance of preventive skincare.

Dry skin

For people with very dry skin, oxygen facials are the best option. This facial will certainly provide effective circulation and hydration. Not only that, but some studies have shown that oxygen has the capability to strengthen the elasticity of your skin and also diminish acne bacteria. Many people have received an oxygen facial have testified immediate and satisfactory changes in their facial skin and countenance. The effects of these facials are generally known to have a lifespan of approximately two days. For optimal results, it is recommended that you take a series of six oxygen facial treatments in a period of six weeks, afterwards followed by touch-up sessions on a monthly basis.

People with dry skin are also highly recommended to try getting a galvanic facial. This facial treatment utilizes an electric current to incorporate substances which are soluble in water to the surface of the skin. This will greatly improve the ingredient-absorbing and moisture capacity of your skin.

Uneven skin tones

This is an issue of pigment, especially when one utilizes the treatments of face peels. What is done in the face peel treatment is that the top layers of some of your facial skin will be removed for the purpose of exfoliating and speeding up cell turnover. After some time, new cells will grow and form a new layer of facial skin – and this new layer is much fresher and smoother than the one you removed. Hence, face peels can bring your skin texture to a much more excellent condition, even out your skin tone and minimize acne.

Oil-prone skin

If you are looking for facials which can treat skin which always gets oily, a fruit acid facial might just do the trick. These facials are effective and efficient in removing the accumulation of dead skin cells or layers. What is attractive about these facials is its speedy recovery duration. It is a recommended second choice for clients who are wary about venturing into more elaborate peels or laser sessions. There are also very minimal post-facial side effects, some of which include temporary redness and dryness, but all of them can be concealed with decent make-up. Some commonly used acids are malic acids, citric acids and tartaric acids.

Rosacea skin

This is a very personalized and tailored facial for people suffering from a very common skin condition, rosacea. These facials act as soothing agents with the main purpose of alleviating the facial redness. These facials are usually aimed to provide protection, correction and boost to the skin by enhancing the strength of the capillaries. Some elements of the rosacea facial are exfoliations, facial massages, chemical face peels, saunas and many more.

Wrinkling skin

Wrinkling skin is associated very closely with aging. Hence, the antithesis of that is quite obviously, the anti-aging facial. These facials employ products and procedures aimed to effectively decelerate the aging rate, radiate your skin and diminish wrinkles. Some of these treatments include making use of vitamin-permeated serums and massage procedures to rejuvenate your skin. Other additional procedures include light therapy facials and microdermabrasion.

Receiving a facial treatment is relatively simple. The only trouble you will have to go through is deciding which treatment is the best for you. On the other side of the situation, providing such treatments requires a lot of skills, knowledge and training.

If you desire to be a professional esthetician, Avola College, a top notch esthetics school, is able to equip you with the relevant skills. The countenance and facial radiance of a person is an important aspect of life, and being able to maximize resources for the best of your customer is indeed a commendable attribute to possess!