What Is The First Step To Becoming A Certified Beautician?


The first step to becoming a beautician is choosing and enrolling for an appropriate cosmetology training course. There are a number of beautician courses to choose from in any given location in our country. It recommended that you know what you want before choosing or enrolling in any cosmetology program. This is easily done by first of all narrowing your choices down to only courses which offer training in an area you are interested in.

Next, verify that a prospective school is accredited and if necessary, whether it is offering financial aid because some cosmetology courses can be really expensive. Finally, opt for beautician courses which provide hands-on training. It pays to ask a trusted beautician for recommendations if in doubt.

Each beautician course focuses on different areas of specialization

While there are several beautician courses you can opt for based in your location, it is crucial to note that each course focuses on different areas of specialization. For example, one may provide an in-depth training in nail treatments, while another on laser therapy. So before enrolling in any of the available cosmetology programs, start by determining which area of beauty training you wish to specialize in. Secondly, make sure that a prospective institute you wish to join offers training in that area. If your wish is to receive training in several different areas, then go for a general beautician course. It should be noted that students that enroll for a general course may be required to further their training should they later decide to specialize in an area such as laser therapy.

Is a license required before legally beginning to work?

Many countries and states require cosmetologists to obtain a license before they can legally start to work. And in a majority of cases, this license can only be granted to beauticians who have completed an accredited beautician course in an accredited training institution. They must also have completed several hands-on training hours and passed a theory and practical exam before their wish to have a practicing license could be granted. To make sure that you can obtain a license once you have completed your training, consider only those cosmetology courses which are accredited. The best way to be sure of this is to contact the admissions staff at a prospective training institute if unsure about a course’s accreditation status.

Find a training institution that offering financial aid to students for your course

Cosmetology courses can be quite expensive, especially for students who are training fulltime and thus cannot work. As a result a lot of students find that they cannot fully meet the cost of their training course while halfway. To avoid this, it is recommended that students find out about the available financial assistance before joining a training institution so as to help sort out their study finances.

Does the selected course offer hand-on training?

When narrowing down your list of prospective beautician courses, you should also consider whether the course you wish to enroll in offers the opportunity for hands-on training. This is because working with real people allows a student to apply what he learned in class and also to gain valuable experience interacting with clients. Unlike watching an instructor demonstrating a styling technique or practicing your techniques on mannequins, the real-world experience will add a level of distinction to your resume. This in turn will help you land your first job upon completing your course.

Consider asking a trusted cosmetologist for recommendation

Do not go blindly choosing about any training institution that comes your way if you want to get licensed once you complete your studies. If in doubt, ask a trusted beautician at your favorite salon for recommendations where beauty schools are concerned. If she trained locally, then chances are that she will be able to give you an opinion about the school she attended and its programs. Even if this person didn’t complete her training due to one reason or another, she can still be able to tell you which training institutions or programs seem to produce the most competent graduates.

How much time are you willing to set apart for your training?

Choosing the best beautician courses mean keeping a number of things in mind as aforementioned above. Besides these things, also consider the amount of time you are willing to set apart for your study. Note that you have the option of part-time study, full-time study and online courses. Go the option that best suits your time and personal requirements.

All in all, the most important thing when it comes to choosing between beautician courses is what kind of a qualification you want. This will determine the method and length of study. If you opt for a degree course in cosmetology, then it can be completed in three to four years, depending on the school you choose and your location. The course requires a full-time mode of study. Diploma courses can be completed in two years studying fulltime, while certificate courses can be completed in a few days by meeting an hourly study requirement.