How To Get Glowing Skin During Pregnancy

Some women are lucky to have glowing skin during pregnancy. Others, however, have to struggle with common skin problems that come with their present condition. Amongst such skin problems you may encounter when you are pregnant is acne. But of course, there are yet other troubles to pay attention to during this stage in your life like skin discolorations and rashes. These happen all because of hormonal changes that may affect your skin. What then can you do to get your skin glowing during pregnancy?

Choose the right skin care product for you


You have to take note that skin care products that work for you before getting pregnant may no longer work when you are conceiving a baby. The reason why you cannot use some of these items is that they are not good for the baby. Whilst other skin care products are safe, there is no guarantee they can keep your skin glowing by this time. Along this line, you will need to read the labels of products you are buying. Add to that, you must seek advice from your OB-gynaecologist as well.

Check for spots where skin problems usually bother you at this stage

Commonly, in pregnant women, acne eruptions may appear anywhere around the mouth and that of your chin. When you spot one, you have to make sure you treat it right away. Take note though that even when acne products are available over-the-counter, there are certain items that will not be good for you when you are pregnant. In fact, they can just keep the situation worse thus preventing you from getting that skin glowing.

Along this line, you must avoid products that contain any type of retinoids as well as those that have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide in them. Go for sulphur-based topical applications instead. You can try microdermabrasion treatments at home as well. Products that contain AHAs or alpha-hydroxy acids as well as those that have glycolic acid in them will be of help with your plight.

Choose what you eat wisely as well

Whilst focusing your attention to get products that will help your skin glowing all the time when you are pregnant, you must also consider what you eat. During this stage, you cannot just eat everything even when you crave for certain types of food especially during your first trimester. It will be best to go for foods that contain rich amounts of folic acid in them. Taking your prenatal vitamins will also be your good source for glowing skin. Do not forget to eat nuts, avocado, broccoli, beans, citrus, and green leafy vegetables. All these can help you get that pregnancy glow that you have always wanted.

Avoid the harmful rays of the sun as much as possible

There are times during the day when you may need to go out and attend to usual chores and errands. This can expose you to the sun’s harmful UV rays. When this happens, you have to protect yourself. You must use a wide-rim hat, just enough to protect your entire body from the sun. Chemical-free sunscreen products are also available for purchase. You have to follow this if you want to avoid skin discoloration or darkening which is common during pregnancy.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your skin glowing when you are pregnant. Sometimes, it just takes a conscious effort on your part. Remember that as much as you want to take care of the baby that is growing inside you, you also have the responsibility to take care of your wellbeing during this time.

When you are not yet pregnant but you know someone who is and you want to help her address her skin problem, it will be good to undergo esthetics training. Read through our pages to find out how you can enroll in our classes.