What You Should Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great if you want to cover split ends or grow out your natural hair. In addition, they can be life changing and it is easy to understand why. When an individual finally gets to live out their hair fantasy, they would never think that it would turn out so well in real life. If you or a loved one is considering getting hair extensions, it will be good to understand what it is about and what it can do for you or that person.

What are the benefits?

First and foremost, hair extensions are not permanent and unlike cuts and colors, they are reversible! You can try them out first, if you feel they are not right for you then simply remove them and they will not have any adverse side effects on your own natural hair. Next, extensions can boost the confidence of its wearer or owner. By simply feeling more confident, the person will also instantly feel more feminine, energized and even sexier.

As mentioned, extensions can help you cover any split ends that you may want to hide. When the extensions are attached to the wearer, they will have healthy looking hair all over again – providing that fabulous and shiny look that everyone wants. Another great benefit is that it helps the wearer add any length that is desired. In most cases, lengthy extensions are more popular as the person can increase their hair’s length to up to twenty inches in just a few hours.

How long can they last?

Hair extensions typically last anywhere between two and six months but some can be made to last longer. When an extension comes off, it usually means that the attachment has loosen due to the natural growth of your hair. Studies have shown that hair can grow at least 0.4 inches per month. Depending on how well you take care of your extensions and how fast your hair grows, there are times when you need to retighten when they get too loose.

What type of hair extensions exist?

Common hair extensions are easily grouped into three categories and they include:

• Clip-in hair extensions: They are popular options as they provide easy application and removal. With this option, you can clip them in your hair during the day and remove them before you sleep. It is simply a great way to add volume and length to create a fun look. However, you should note that this option is more noticeable and can fall out if it’s not applied correctly.

• Weft hair extensions: This extension consists of a curtain of hair that is free flowing at the bottom and attached together at the top. They come in two types which are handmade and machine-made. You should opt for handmade ones as they are more customizable.

• Tape-in hair extensions: Also known as sticker hair, they are just like the former but smaller in size and have an adhesive tape on one side. They are applied by sandwiching your own hair between two strips of tape extensions.

• Strand by strand extensions: These extensions are usually attached one by one to mini sections of your own natural hair. It usually takes a few hours to apply all these strands and up to 100 strands can be used for the job. However, these extensions will blend in flawlessly with the rest of your hair if it is done correctly.

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