How To Make Underarm Waxing Easier To Handle

Most of us, particularly females, have lots of issues when it comes to our underarms. We all want fair, smooth, clean, and odourless armpits. In view of this, we may try lots of things just to achieve these goals. Some women try to remove hair from their underarm by way of applying removal creams and either though shaving or plucking. However, all of the tried means only make their underarm skin even darker, as well a bumpy and wrinkly. If you want to achieve an underarm free from what were mentioned, try the waxing procedure. Waxing can deal with your problem in just a matter of minutes.

Know the length of your underarm hair

If you are considering waxing your underarm hair, make sure that its hair is on a proper length. Proper underarm hair length for waxing is approximately one-fourth inch. If the underarm hair is too short, the wax cannot hold it properly and the outcome is not clean. Make sure as well that your underarm hair is not very long because it will make the waxing very excruciating. On the other hand, if you haven’t noticed that your underarm hair is very long already, you can try cutting it to the required length prior to waxing it.

Make sure that your underarm is clean before waxing


One of the most important things you need to do prior to waxing your underarm is to exfoliate it in order that all the impurities and grime from it will be removed. Grime and impurities can block hair follicles. These will eventually lead to painful waxing and may cause you to be frightened to pursue the procedure even when it is needed.

Make it a habit to dry your underarm after exfoliating

In order to achieve less painful waxing, you should make sure that your underarm is dry after cleaning it because wax does not stick properly to wet underarms. When exfoliating your underarm, make sure to wash it with warm water so that the pulling of wax will become easier. However, if your underarm is very sweaty you can apply talcum powder in order to soak up the extra moisture from your skin.

Take painkiller prior to waxing if you are very susceptible to pain

If you are extremely susceptible to pain, it is advisable to take painkiller or anti-inflammatory medicines prior to waxing your underarm. You should take the painkiller approximately half an hour before undergoing the procedure. Apart from taking painkillers, you can also try applying topical solutions on your underarm. You can ask the pharmacist in your nearby drug store for topical solutions that are appropriate for the underarms because there are medications that can cause serious allergic response.

Make sure that you are waxing your underarm in the proper way

The proper way to wax your underarm is to stretch your arm so that there will be no creases on the skin. Once you get the proper position, put on the wax strip in the direction opposite to the hair growth. You should also try to wax small areas one at a time. On the other hand, if you cannot wax your underarm alone, ask your friend to help you.

Pay attention to after-care

As soon as you had finished waxing your underarm, make sure to apply an ice cube, cooling or calming moisturiser with aloe on the area you waxed to aid ease the pain following the procedure. You should also stay away from putting on tight clothing several days following the waxing process because they can rub and irritate your skin. In order to prevent ingrown hair, you should exfoliate your underarms 24 hours following the process. You should also utilise an after-wax lotion to protect your skin from infectivity as well as irritation. Make sure not to apply deodorants, perfumes or talcum powder for the initial few days after waxing.

Ask estheticians to do waxing for you

Waxing products are readily available in the market and for that matter alone, you can always say you can do it on your own. After all, there are specific instructions that come with the product’s box and these are often easy to follow. However, waxing the first time can go wrong if you do not literally know well how the procedure should go. Your guarantee then is to ask the help of estheticians who can always assure the process will go smoothly as you wanted. Yes, the pain is inevitable but they can somehow ease it out for you. That is something you cannot do if you do it on your own.

Looking for estheticians is now made easy by an esthetic school who might offer waxing services as a dual method of allowing their trainees to learn on the job. You can always look for services pertaining to underarm hygiene, waxing included. Of course, there are yet other services included amongst their list so find out more for yourself today!