How Can I Make My Makeup Last All Day Long?

This is the one question that professional working ladies seek an answer to desperately, simply because there seems to be minimal response about the topic. Imagine having to wake up very early so that you get enough time to put on your makeup right, only to check yourself on the mirror by noon time and find foundation marks and spots on your skin. One way to learn more about how to take care of your skin and apply makeup professionally is by enrolling in a cosmetology school in Toronto. This article will give you tips on how you can keep your beautiful look after applying makeup all day long.

How to prepare your face

You need to wash your face every morning before putting on makeup. Avoid using soap with harsh chemicals which can leave your face dry and with an irritation. Women are advised to exfoliate frequently as they get older to get rid of dead skin that accumulates. Dead skin prevents makeup from sticking too long on the skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips too if you need your lipstick to last. Makeup looks much better after exfoliation.

Ensure to use a light moisturizer during the day to keep your face smooth and healthy. Preferably, choose one that has anti-wrinkle properties and can also act as a sunscreen to protect your skin from sun rays. Invest in a good primer to help keep your makeup on as long as possible. Make sure you apply the primer all over your face especially in oily areas.

How to choose the right makeup

Eye Makeup

Choose the right foundation that works well with your skin color. There are three types of skin foundations namely liquid, cream and powder foundation. You can ask your beautician to help you identify which kind of foundation works best for you. After you put on the right foundation, choose a lipstick that is long wear to ensure it does not come off when you are drinking or eating. These lipsticks stick hard so you need to apply a moisturizer on the lips before applying the lipstick. Put on a waterproof mascara to ensure your eyes look fresh all day long. Be careful not sleep in the mascara to avoid damaging your eye lashes.

How to keep the makeup on for longer

Wake up an hour earlier every morning to give yourself enough time to put on makeup without rushing. Give your makeup five minutes to settle in after every layer to get a great finish. This also helps your makeup stay longer. Some women have a tendency to subconsciously touch their face without even realizing it. If you are one of those people, you need to find out what triggers such behavior and try as much as possible to avoid this habit. This greatly contributes to your makeup getting smudged during the day.

Avoid applying too much makeup during summer. During the hot season, the skin sweats a lot and this can make your makeup run. Choose to apply very minimal foundation rather than seeking ways to keep it on. How you do your hair can also affect how long your makeup will stick. Long hair tends to brush against your face and that contributes to your makeup coming off. You can hold your hair up instead.

If you are planning to attend a very important function and you are not confident enough to handle your own makeup, you can hire a professional beautician to handle your hair and makeup. They will ensure you get the right makeup combination and one that will last you the entire event without having to keep retouching your face with makeup.