Overcoming Bad Hair Days

Having a bad hair day? We all go through that one bad day when our hair won’t obey the hairbrush and just stay in place. Research has indeed proven that bad hair days can get you into a bad mood, increase your self-doubt and your insecurities. There are a few things you can do to avoid sinking into a bad hair day mood.

Hum or sing a happy song

It may sound ridiculous, but do you know that humming or whistling a happy tune actually helps? When the bad hair mood gets you, think of the most upbeat tune and start humming or whistling to its beat. You will be surprised how much better it will make you feel! If you can, put on the stereo and switch to a station with lively music. If you have a CD with your favorite music, put it on, let it sooth your bad mood away.

Look for a bright colored accessory

Bright colors always brighten up anything. When you wake up with a bad hair day, the best way to lighten up your mood is to accessorize with bright colors. Research has proven that people tend to gravitate towards bright colors. Look for bright colored clips, headbands or even hair flowers. Wear bright colors like pink, orange, purple or yellow in all their varieties. These colors will add a burst of color in your life and will perk others up too.

Experiment with a new hairstyle or cover up


Remember that hairstyle you thought you could not pull off? This is an opportunity to go all out and experiment. Try that new hairstyle and rock it. If you are used to one boring hairstyle, go for something different. If your hair is always pinned up, let it loose, or vice versa.

Be daring and try being different, it never hurt anyone. You could also take a course in a hairstyling school in Toronto to ease those bad hair days. A hat is also a solution for those winter mornings when you wake up and your hair is all fizzy. Just pick a hat, cover it up and you are good to go, especially when you wake up late.

Laughter is the best medicine

You must have heard of the phrase, “It’s never that serious!”  It is true that a bad hair day is not that dire. Search for a movie that is really funny and have a good laugh, makes you feel better at the end. You can especially look for a movie with bad hair episodes because nothing beats laughing about a bad situation. Call that really funny friend of yours who always seems to make light of any bad situation and let her cheer you up.

Do some therapeutic window shopping

We all love to window shop. It is a form of therapy walking down your favorite beauty store and day dream. Look at the latest arrivals and drool at the makeup kits. You do not have to spend money trying to make yourself feel better. Go with a friend, try on a few wigs and have a few laughs. Try out the latest fragrances and leave the store smelling like a thousand dollars.

Bad hair days leave everyone in a foul mood. It is one thing to go to bed with manageable hair and wake up to dry, fizzy and unmanageable hair. To make matters worse, you are late for work and need an instant solution. This is enough to leave anyone in a bad mood. Staying positive and trying to cheer yourself up is the way to go. Get bright colored accessories, have a good laugh with a friend or watch a hilarious movie. A bad hair day need not dampen your moods. Life is too good to be sad!