How To Make Short Hair Grow Faster

So many women find it very frustrating when it comes to growing their hair long. Research shows that hair grows to a maximum of half an inch every month which means it is a slow process. However, the key to growing your hair to a mermaid-worthy length is ensuring you keep your hair super healthy at all times. If you are a hairdresser or looking to become a professional hair stylist, you need to enroll in one of the reputable hair schools in Ontario to get the professional know how to help clients grow their hair long and keep it healthy. This article will highlight a few tips that you can follow to stimulate faster hair growth to attain the length you are looking for.

Trim a little to support hair health

You may be wondering why you need to trim your hair while you intend to grow it longer. Trimming your hair once every 10 to 12 weeks keeps your hair healthy and also helps to prevent splits. If hair is left untrimmed for quite some time, splits tend to work their way up the strands and this leads to hair breakage leaving your hair shorter than it was. Hair experts recommend that you cut off an eighth of an inch of your hair every now and then to avoid split ends. In the long run, your hair grows to be long and healthy.

Use a conditioner after shampooing


Every time you wash your hair, ensure that you condition it. Hair tends to get thinner and weaker with time after going through heat styling and coloring and conditioning your hair helps to seal the cuticle which prevents more damage from taking place. Conditioning also helps to replace proteins and lipids inside the hair shaft which stimulates hair growth.

Avoid shampooing every time you take a bath

Some women make the mistake of shampooing their hair every time they take a bath. This should not be the case. Shampooing is meant to clean off dirt and product buildup. When you shampoo your hair often, you end up washing off essential natural oils that are meant to keep your hair healthy and soft.

The other mistake people do when shampooing the hair is that they tend to scrub the hair too hard which leaves the hair dry. The right way to shampoo your hair is by lathering the scalp gently and then letting the suds slide from the rest of the hair. Hit the hair strands softly while rinsing to remove any residue.

Invest in hair boosting supplements

Most people don’t make a connection between taking a healthy diet and healthy hair. Hair, just like any other organ in the body requires vital nutrients to be able to grow and stay healthy. Ensure that you take balanced meals to ensure you have enough proteins and essential minerals which boost hair growth. You can also take some additional hair boosting supplements to encourage faster hair growth. Make sure that you take the right supplements that work for you and take in the right dosage to avoid creating health complications. If you are currently taking any other medication, you need to consult your doctor whether the supplements will interfere with your current dosage.

Brush your hair frequently

Take time to brush your hair as frequent as possible. Brushing helps to distribute oil from the scalp to the rest of the hair, which in turn promote growth. When brushing wet hair, always start from the bottom and work your way up to the scalp to avoid creating tangles that may lead to hair breakage. Always take time to understand your hair type so as to be able to take care of it the right way.