Spa Etiquette – Tips To Ensure You Truly Enjoy Your Visit To The Spa


If you are about to book your first visit to the spa, it helps to learn some etiquette rules so that you can enjoy the experience. Most people find their first visit nerve-wrecking because they do not know what to expect. Your first spa encounter can determine whether or not you will make subsequent visits. To make sure that you get the relaxing and blissful experience that you desire, you should follow a few simple guidelines.

Keeping time

When you book an appointment at the spa, you should make sure that you show up on time. You have to remember that in most cases, spaces are limited and your failure to keep time can affect the person coming in after you. In most cases, spas will not push back your appointment more than ten minutes and if you are running late, you are likely to lose your spot. If you want to get the full spa experience, you have to make sure that you arrive on time to relax at the serene lounge before you get the full service.

Phone etiquette

It is important to be on your best behavior and avoid distracting other spa users and this means that your phone should be switched off while at the spa. Many people today act as if they are attached to their phones and they seem to think it is impossible to do without it for an hour or two. If you are determined to relax at the spa, keep away your gadget. If you visit the spa with a friend, remember that silence is often required in a relaxation room. If you must converse, make sure it is in low tones.

Choosing the therapist

It is usually up to you whether to use a male or female therapist but you need to know that it becomes more difficult to get your request fulfilled during peak or busy hours. Make sure that you make your preference known as most spas make every effort to ensure that they accommodate their client’s wishes. If you want a particular therapist, make sure that you book in advance to get the specific person. You should also note that for some types of treatments, the spa might only have one therapist.

State of undress

There is one aspect of the spa experience that causes anxiety in most people and that is whether or not to undress completely. Most people are uncomfortable being undressed in the presence of someone they have just met. The therapists will step out of the room as you undress and make yourself comfortable under the sheet, but it is perfectly okay to keep your underwear on during the massage. While there are those who do not mind disrobing completely, you need to do what makes you comfortable.

It is considered customary to leave tips and in most cases, it can be between 15 to 20 percent. The tips are often left at the reception desk where they will often have gratuity envelopes for this. In addition, if you cannot make it for your appointment, find out about the cancellation policy. In most cases, short notice cancellations can attract a nominal charge.