How To Sport Short Hair Confidently

Having short hair has both its pros and cons. To some, they love keeping short hair because it is ‘wash and wear’. For others, however, it can make them feel more self-conscious because of the thought that they look less feminine with the short cut they chose to have. Well, the truth is you can sport short hair without sacrificing your confidence. The secret is to follow the tips below.

Ask yourself: What do you base your confidence on?

Starting to sport short hair with confidence means learning where your confidence comes from. There may be people who compliment the way you look and whether you admit it or not, you will definitely feel confident hearing those remarks. But this should not just be your basis to start rocking the short hair. Your confidence should come from yourself. You have to love the way you look and appreciate your new haircut and embrace it with pride. You should feel confident to be confident with everything that you do and have.

Find the type of fashion that will make your hairstyle a standout

Foil highlights

Part of what can make you feel confident even with very short hair is your fashion or simply the clothes and makeup you wear. Now is the time to highlight physical features you have never paid attention to before. Emphasise on your slim waistline or your large bosoms. Define your brow lines and lashes too. Become daring if you want and put on those stilettos to make you rock your short hair.

Be an inspiration to others

Most people will always focus on themselves when it comes to looking good and feeling confident. If you are that girl who wants to share compliments with others and who loves being able to inspire those who have low self-esteem then be the person who will encourage others to look good and feel good with their short hair. Learn to uplift other people’s spirits and when you hear people thanking you, it will definitely make you more confident.

Maintenance is still required with short hair

Not all types of short hair are ‘wash and wear’ hair. You have to take note that if you want to sport yours with confidence then you have to do everything in your power to give it the maintenance that it needs. If you happen to stick to the style that you have, for example a pixie haircut, make sure that you visit the parlor every six to eight weeks to have it trimmed. You can also opt to style your hair in different ways depending on the occasion. Perhaps, you may also want some bangs for your short hair.

Invest in styling tools

Do not commit the same mistake that other people had when they chose to have their hair cut short. Many have refused styling their hair because of the notion that short hair does not need any styling at all. Well, if you want to rock it then you have to spend some time styling it. And yes you will also need to spend some cash on styling tools that will help you prep your hair for the world to see.

Enroll in hairstyling courses

You may think this is not necessary at all but if you really want to make sure you can sport that short hair with style and confidence all the time, it won’t hurt enrolling yourself in hairstyling courses. The good news is you do not have to spend too much time sitting in classes that offer hairstyling lessons. You can always choose your schedule depending on what is most convenient to you. There is always a hairstyling school in Toronto that will help you with that.