How To Stop Hair Breakage Once And For All

Most people agree that hair breakage is one of the most annoying things one has to go through. Hair breakage is a problem that has been around for centuries and different generations have been trying to find different remedies to curb this problem. The good news is that hair breakage can be avoided and all you need is some few secrets on how to go about keeping your hair long and healthy. This article will offer some solutions you can follow to avoid hair breakage.

Load up on moisture


Curly hair is naturally dry and from time to time, it becomes hard and breaks easily. The reason curly hair becomes dry is the fact that bends are created at every spot the hair curls and this prevents the hair fiber from receiving oil from the scalp. This means that your hair does not receive the lubrication it needs to keep it well moisturized and therefore hair tends to break off easily. To take care of this problem, ensure that you apply daily moisturizer to keep your hair soft and lubricated.

Find out what works for you

Every hair has different properties and hair products that work on one person may not work on the next. Experts advice that for you to really find out what hair products work for your hair, you need to adopt the trial and error. You may find that a particular person uses a small amount of coconut oil to moisturize her hair but if you find that using a whole bottle on your hair does the trick, then stick to it. However, you need to be careful on the kind of hair products you try as some can be harmful. You can enroll in a hair styling school in Toronto to learn how to use different hair products safely.

Shampoo your hair

One of the causes of hair breakage is tangled hair. Keep your hair from being tangled by applying shampoo on your hair while you still have braids on. This way, even after undoing your hair, you have less chances of experiencing hair breakage.

Trim your hair regularly

You are probably wondering why you need to trim your hair while you are trying to grow it longer. Removing split ends from your hair regularly prevents damage on other parts of the hair shaft. This prevents hair breakage since your hair is kept in optimal shape. You need to visit a professional hair stylist after every six weeks to get your hair trimmed. If you are concerned that too much hair can be trimmed off, ask your stylist to take off minimum hair from the ends.

Less protein

Some hair products have proteins to strengthen hair but when too much is applied, then it makes hair brittle and ends up breaking in the long run. Try to find hair products that have the right amount of proteins in them and once in a while infuse your hair strands with extra moisture in between the protein treatments to avoid breakages.

Don’t comb your hair when wet

Before washing your hair, use a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair from roots to the end. After washing, you can apply a moisturizer to detangle any knots that may have formed and use your comb to gently straighten your hair. Some people prefer to use a leave in conditioner on their hair after washing which also keeps hair soft and prevents breakages. Always leave your hair to dry off a bit before combing it.

Loosen your hair once in a while

Wearing braids and weaves is great because you don’t have to keep styling your hair. However, when worn for a long time, tension is added on hair fiber which leads to hair breakage. Loosen your hair occasionally and allow it to breathe.