Tips On How To Achieve Super Long Hair

Keeping long hair continues to be the most preferred trend with most women. Some prefer to cut it short but only for a short while. As a hairdresser, you will encounter clients who come to you seeking advice on what they need to do to help them grow their hair super long. You need to have basic knowledge on how to handle long hair when it comes to maintenance and styling.

Check online to enroll in one of the hairdressing schools in Ontario to get the best courses on how to manage all types of hair. The following tips will ensure your client gets the long hair they desire while keeping it strong.

Make some few lifestyle changes

In order to grow long and strong hair, you should advise your clients to make a few lifestyle changes. Trimming hair once in a while enables one to get rid of damaged hair at the tip. Hair grows at the roots and it is vital that one gets rids of all damaged hair at the end to give room for hair growth. They should also be aware that washing hair all the time strips it of essential oils that prevent it from breaking. They need to reduce the number of times they wash hair every week to once or twice a week.

They should avoid using blow dryers and flat irons frequently as this weakens the hair. They should have shower caps on at all times when taking a swim to avoid chlorine and salts getting into the hair. Now, there are shampoos made from natural ingredients and this is better than using harsh chemicals that are harmful to the hair. The point is to avoid more breakages and damage to hair so that it can grow long.

Incorporate new hair care changes


Women with long hair are advised to brush their hair at least twice a day to keep their hair strong. The scalp produces oils that help to keep hair from drying up and also help the hair stay strong. Sometimes when the hair is too long, the oils are unable to travel all the way to the tips and brushing frequently ensures that these oils are distributed evenly.

One should let hair down more often than using clips and pins all the time. This reduces the pressure off your hair therefore minimizing breakages. Eating more fruits and drinking a lot of water is known to help with hair growth. They should visit a salon once a month to get deep conditioning treatment to ensure that their hair gets the nutrients it requires. All these helps to quicken hair growth while keeping it healthy.

Home remedies one can try to quicken hair growth

You can use home remedies to help you keep your hair soft and shiny while increasing hair growth. You can try rinsing your hair using onion water. Onion water you ask? Yes, chop up an onion and place it in a pot with several cups of water and let it boil. Leave it to cool and then wash your hair with the water. Onion water supplements hair with nutrients and gives it a sleek and shiny look.

You can also massage your scalp using grape seed oil twice a week to encourage hair growth. While washing the hair, one can soak hair strands in palm oil for ten minutes before rinsing to prevent hair breakage. This should be done frequently for weak hair to improve the quality of hair strands. Last but not least, you can sleep on a silk covered pillow to reduce the amount of friction on your hair while sleeping.