Top Tips On Caring For Your Eyebrows

Most people tend to neglect the eyebrows in favor of the eyes. How we care for our eyebrows plays a very big part in the overall look of our face. Unlike some years back, more people, both men and women are putting more consideration on their eyebrows care.

There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to eyebrows and some of these include whether to have them carefully shaped or natural, thin or thick, short or long, filled in or free of makeup. If you are looking to set up a career as a beautician, ensure that you get enrolled in one of the beauty schools in Ontario to sharpen your skills on eyebrows care. The following are a few tips on how to care for eyebrows.

Encourage growth

To have good looking eyebrows, you need to ensure that they grow healthy first. It is encouraged to leave your eyebrows for a while to naturally grow fully. In the meantime, you have to fight the urge to shape or wax them to attain a full growth. You can stimulate the growth of your eyebrows by using natural oils like castor oil, rose oil, lavender oil and lemon oil which encourage healthy hair growth. The use of mineral oil like Vaseline has a positive effect on hair growth. You can also increase your intake of Vitamins A, C and E which promotes the growth of eyebrows.

Know the shape that works for you

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There are different eyebrows shapes and they have different effects on different face shapes. You need to know which shape works best for you before shaping your eyebrows. If you are not sure which shape would suit your facial contours then you need visit a professional beautician to help you with getting the desired look.

Just because we all have special facial features, it does not mean that you cannot experiment with different eyebrow shapes. It is refreshing to try a new look once in a while to change your style. Look up new trending eyebrows styles and see which ones you can adopt to suit your current style. If you prefer a more natural look, it does not mean you cannot slightly trim your eyebrows just to give them an edge.

Remove extra hair

For eyebrows to look well maintained, you need to remove any extra hair. You can choose to tweez, wax or thread. Tweezing is something that you can do at home by yourself to ensure that your eyebrows stay in shape. However, not everyone is able to this well so it is advisable to visit an eyebrow professional to do it for you. Threading is preferred by majority of people since it has a more permanent effect.

A few people find the threading experience a bit uncomfortable and painful but they say the end results are worth it. Waxing is less painful compared to threading but hair tends to grow back after some time. One disadvantage about getting used to threading is that one may want a fuller eyebrow in future and this may pose a challenge after threading. For this reason, you need to choose which method to shape your eyebrows depending on how long you mean to maintain a look.

If you have never given much thought about your eyebrows care, then you need to understand that it can make a huge difference to your overall look. How you shape your eyebrows also directly influences how you put your make up and how much of it you can apply. Always go to an eyebrow professional to get a perfect end result.