Top Tips For Managing Greasy Hair

Having greasy hair is no different from having oily skin. In fact, if you have greasy hair, the tendency is your skin can get oily too especially when your hair hits it at some point. Sometimes, even if you want to blame your hair care products for entirely ruining the look of your locks, you cannot just do that. Depending on how oily your tresses are, it is your responsibility to look for the right product that will help with your plight. Here are tips to help you with if you want to manage greasy hair.

Understand the basics of hair care


If you want to avoid greasy hair, the first thing you should remember is to know the right time of the day to wash it. It will also involve deciding on whether you should tie it on a bun or just leave it like that with a hat over your head. It is a matter of avoiding touching it to keep it away from any other residue or bacteria that can make it oily.

Conditioner is not your best friend when you have greasy hair

Many girls are fond of using conditioner to keep the hair glowing. However, this can just worsen the scenario when you have greasy hair. We are not saying you should avoid conditioner totally. You can still use one but use it sparingly. It will be best to apply it to the ends starting from the mid-shaft and not your roots.

Try using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has the capability to avoid sucking up the oil that comes from the roots of your hair shaft. This said then you can be sure that your hair will remain greaseless when you use one. Add to that, dry shampoo allows you to not shampoo your hair very often thus making it look less greasy over time.

Clarifying shampoo is also a good alternative to regular shampoo

Apart from using dry shampoo, you may also want to try clarifying shampoo. This type of shampoo has the capacity to make sure that hair buildup is prevented. But as always, you have to remember to use this sparingly to prevent oil production that causes greasy hair.

Baby powder can help as well

For those of you who do not want to use dry shampoo or cannot look for one, a great alternative will be the use of baby powder. Rubbing some sprinkled baby powder on the roots of your hair will help. You might be worried about the powder looking obvious when you have dark hair. In this case, you can mix the powder with a bronzer to avoid the white cast.

Wash sparingly 

As mentioned awhile back, too much washing can really be one of the root causes of having greasy hair. If you want to avoid this plight then why not wash your hair sparingly instead? Remember that when you wash often, the tendency is your hair is forced to replace whatever oil has been stripped during washing time. This can make it look greasier easily. Washing every other day will do you a lot of help.

Know the proper hair brushing technique

When brushing your hair, there are such things as under-brushing and over-brushing. Both of these methods will make your hair greasy since under-brushing will prevent natural oils from being distributed on the scalp whilst over-brushing can cause too much oil production. You must then keep brushing within the limits, making sure the technique is enough to keep your hair tangle-free.

Having greasy hair is already a common problem for a lot of avid visitors of the salon. If you want to help your customers avoid such condition, you can advise them using the tips above. It will also be good to prepare yourself by enrolling in a hairdresser school in Toronto.