Understanding The Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

If you are keen on becoming a successful hair stylist in future, one of the skills you definitely need to have is the ability to advice clients on which hair styles suit them based on many factors. These include the type of message they want to send out, their personality and their face shape. The latter is an important but often forgotten factor when choosing hairstyles.

It is the main reason why a particular hairstyle may look gorgeous on one person, but horrible on the next. To be able to serve your clients well, having the ability to figure out which styles suit their face and body type is information that will be very valuable to you. Getting detailed information on how to do this can only be acquired by attending high quality hairdressing schools in Ontario

Generally speaking, however, one can use some rough guidelines as a starting point on choosing the correct hair style for a particular face shape. Some these rules include:

Round faces 

When you have a round face, you should consider hairstyles that try to make your face appear more oval in shape. Some of the classic hairstyles are cuts that hit below the chin. It is also generally advisable to get hair that is in layers, so that it has some definition and structure. The goal of this is to visually elongate your face, thus achieving the goal of making it appear oval. Clients who have round faces should avoid short wavy hair, which tends to make round faces appear even rounder. This could end up spoiling one’s look.

Oval faces

Foil highlights

People who have oval faces are usually in luck, as most hairstyles seem to suit them well. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle for such an individual. For one, avoiding hairstyles that make the face appear even longer should be avoided, as this would spoil their overall look. These include styles that add height on the top of the head, such as very large donut buns or spiky short cuts. In addition to that, people with round faces have to pay attention to the texture of their hair. If it is thick or curly, it’s important to avoid a blunt cut, otherwise one risks ending up having a look that is slightly off. Haircuts that highlight the jawline are also ideal for such clients.

Heart shaped faces

People with heart shaped faces usually have a pointy chin. This has the result of drawing people downwards. As a result, the best hairstyle for them is usually one that draws one’s attention upwards towards the eyes and the cheekbones. In addition to that, experts advocate for haircuts that seem to decrease the width of the individual’s forehead. Examples of these include long side-swept fringes. Haircuts which result in layering around the cheekbones are also generally advocated for, as they provide some length to the face and attract a viewer’s attention to the center of the face. Some people also recommend that people with heart shaped faces should have hair whose length is just above the shoulders, making it full around the lower jaw. This balances the face out a bit more.

Long faces 

People with long oblong faces are generally advised to avoid long hair, but can do so if the hair is cut in long layers and is designed to hit the cheekbones as well as the chin. If the hair has to be long, making it wavy is also a good idea in these cases. This is because long, wavy hair adds width to the side of the face, balancing out the vertical length.

These are just some of the tips one can use when choosing a hairstyle based on the common face shapes. The most important thing to remember is that choosing a hairstyle should take into account many things, including the shape of the face.