Understanding Laser Hair Removal And Why Many Esthetician Schools Teach This

Hair removal is a common practice among women and there are quite a handful of different methods to achieve this. You may choose to shave, make use of a hair removal cream or wax, which are all rather fine. However, there is one common and burdensome disadvantage of the methods just mentioned, they all need the diligence of your consistency. A one-off shaving or waxing application of cream is not going to cut it – you are going to have to repeatedly conduct these procedures. Some of these methods also takes a lot of time and can also be quite inconvenient in an event that the hair is not able to be removed in time if you want smooth skin for an upcoming event or holiday.

Thankfully, in the 60s, a newfound method of hair removal radicalized the hair-removing market. This method, laser hair removal, allows irrevocable eradication of the hair follicle with the effective assistance of a laser beam directed at the surface of the skin, and targeted at the very roots of our hair.

The first few attempts of executing this method were relatively hard: the process was rather slow, ran a risk of burning the skin and moreover, dark-skinned people could not benefit from this procedure until around 1997, which was when the lasers were amended to meet people’s needs and minimize undesirable defects. These days, laser treatments are becoming more popular and affordable. That is also why laser hair removal is included in many courses provided by esthetician schools.

Hair removal on any part of the body


The treatment of laser hair removal is safe enough to be used on any external part of our bodies, our faces and bikini lines notwithstanding as they can also be modified to cater your needs and preferences. Your hair can be removed without any skin damage. However, after the session you might notice your skin to turn a little red or have a few pores – these are just minimal reactions of the skin to the laser, but they are not permanent.

Fast and effective

After the first session, around thirty percent of undesirable hair is removed, and after the completion of 3 to 5 sessions, you ought to have achieved your hair-removing goal, until of course, new hair follicles re-develop. If they do, an additional touch-up session might be of great use.

Flexible compatibility with different lifestyles

There is no circumscription before going for a laser hair removal session in terms of lifestyle choices like dying your hair or bleaching it. It is highly encouraged to permit your hair follicle to grow intact for the approximate period of about two months before opting for laser hair removal treatment but how you manage your hair can indeed still be done through shaving as hair on the skin surface will not be required for laser treatment.

Dark-skinned people can also benefit from laser hair removal

The new, improved and advanced models of laser equipment are now able to meet the needs of people with naturally darker skin, tanned individuals and even the category of people utilizing fake tan. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you are fully aware that darker skin contains a much higher level of melanin which has the ability to absorb and scatter the concentration of the beam. The consequence of this biological occurrence is that reduced effectiveness and lessened eradication of hair follicles.

Easy on the skin

Usually, during the procedure of a laser treatment, a cold gel is used as protection for the upper dermis. Majority of people will then only feel minimal displeasure, around the degree of pins and needles. However, for a person with skin of high sensitivity, an anaesthetic cream is highly recommended prevent immediate and enduring discomfort.

Sensitive areas will be tackled well

Treating sensitive areas like the bikini area will not amplify the levels of displeasure despite the courser hair as laser treatment does not actually involve the removal of hair per se but of the underlying follicle itself. Hence, the degree of discomfort will just be the same as any part, and the hairs will fall off accordingly within a few days.

Financial convenience

Just like most cosmetic services, laser treatments are now commendably cost-efficient. A lot of professionals are now offering attractive packages for all treatments. What’s more, there are also choices of how you want to make the payment. It’s not hard for anyone to conclude that this treatment is really worth it.

All in all, it is important for you to go with what you’re comfortable with. Many people want to try laser treatment but are afraid of burning dangers or exorbitant prices due to the lack of knowledge. This article is here to rebut those doubts with legitimate information. With advanced technology, a lot of improvements have deemed the treatment safer and more able to deliver a satisfactory outcome.

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