What Are The Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

Gone were the days when massage was merely appreciated by old folks who suffered from illnesses related to the aging process. It used to be a ritual done to seniors to give them relief from body pains as a result of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and the like. It was also a regimen done to sports enthusiast to allow their muscles to recover after engaging in strenuous physical exercises.

Today, massage therapy is being recommended to people from all age brackets. In line with the advent of modernisation and the emergence of advance technology, people became more aware of the benefits of massage. It is now highly appreciated and endorsed not only to the aged and sports buffs but also as an adjunct or mainstream therapy. In connection with this, different methods along with the usage of different kinds of gadgets, both manmade and natural, were introduced. One of which is the utilisation of hot stones.


The introduction of hot stones massage

The practice of using hot stones for massage therapy may have originated from India years ago by ancient Ayurveda healers with the purpose of balancing natural elements, wind, spirit and air. Warmed smooth stones from rivers were used in healing and massaging. Owing to the benefits it rendered, it has become a highly acclaimed therapeutic alternative for people from different races regardless of various health conditions.

To date, numerous massage facilities are already incorporating hot stones in delivering their massage programs because of their beneficial results. Not only to ease age and sports-related concerns but also to promote a generalised outcome of well-being, a lot are now into the practise of having themselves undergo this highly-endorsed treatment and relaxation modality, which is hot stone massage therapy. Here are some of the reasons why massage rendering establishments opt to incorporate the utilisation of hot stones in their massage therapy sessions:

Promotes good blood circulation

Having poor blood circulation can branch out to a lot of ill-health related concerns that can be detrimental to one’s health. This may often be temporary but can even be fatal. Relying on medications alone may prolong the agony and may cost more than what is expected. Engaging in hot stone massage therapy greatly done by qualified practitioners with the usage of hot stones in massage therapy sessions is a well-recommended solution. Its usage is known to improve blood circulation whilst increasing oxygen flow in the process. Well trained massage therapist claim that with hot stones, blood flow is improved and this improves the overall condition of the heart. Along with a healthy lifestyle, overall wellbeing is obtained to a heightened level by following this health routine.

Helps in toxin release

Along with its advantage to promote blood circulation, hot stone massage also helps your body get rid of toxins. As blood flow is improved through this, signals are sent to the area being massaged and this helps release toxins through the lymphatic system.

Promotes relaxation

A well promoted benefit from hot stone massage therapy is its stress-relieving attribute. The heat from the stones passes through aching and tired muscle layers and is loosened up from the process. Muscles are relaxed and tension is also released. A generalised well-being is felt after fulfilling its function to fight off fatigue.

Relief from insomnia

With the stress-related insomnia of some individuals, massage is now becoming a most sought after solution. A lot of therapists have tried to render different methods of massage techniques but each has failed to deliver a much needed result, to induce sleep to insomniacs. Other methods failed to do its function and this often ended up in frustration both to the masseuse and the client. This was before the introduction of hot stones in massage programs. With its presentation, clients gladly embraced it because of its effects. The penetration of heat from warmed stones plays a great role in relaxation and sleep-inducing processes. Owing to this, a lot claim that hot stone massage relieves them from sleeplessness during night.

Pampering effect

Based on studies, a lot prefer this method of massage compared to other types because of its pampering effect. The warmth and the pressure resemble human touch and subjecting one’s self to it is proven to promote calmness and a generalised sense of well-being which, in its effect, promotes vigour and stamina.

As a treatment modality

A lot of people today opt for alternative forms of treatments which are usually non-invasive and don’t require oral intake of medications for fear of its adverse effects. Elderly ailments like arthritis and fibromyalgia are just some of the conditions that can be alleviated by hot stone massage therapy. Other degenerative musculoskeletal conditions can also benefit from it. With the heat and mild pressure from the stones that are used, muscle spasms, sprains and other sports-related musculoskeletal concerns can be well treated from this form of massage.

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