What You Should Know About Acrylic Nail Extensions

There is that one fine day when you are given the chance to relax and stretch your back as you curl up on your sofa. As you go through that moment, you start noticing the changes in your skin and all other body parts that you have not cared about before. You suddenly notice your fingers and come to realise your nails have been growing very slow, looking as if they are dead.

Well, it’s time to think about using nail extensions. You have a list of options to consider in this regard and a popular choice is an acrylic nail extension. If you want to choose this type of nail extension, it will be good to know more facts about it first.

It is popular for a lot of women

This is because it is one of the oldest amongst different types of nail extensions. Its age in the world of modern cosmetology makes it the first choice that will pop in the mind of anyone who wants to get a nail extension. Add to this, it is also a very durable option which can give you your money’s worth.

The process is fairly simple

Simple in the sense that it will not take you a lot of time to spend in a salon. The nails and cuticles will be cleaned, buffed and filed by nail technicians. The acrylic extension will then be placed on top of each nail using a glue-like substance made from a mixture of liquid and powder. The technician will wait for the extension to harden before buffing each nail to give it a clean and even finish. From there, you can have the nails coloured or designed accordingly.

Acrylic nail extensions will last depending on a list of factors

One will be the fact that it will depend on your lifestyle as the wearer. If you are exposed to physical activities where the hands are busiest at all times then expect that acrylic nails can break easier than when you are attending to clerical work at the office. Of course, it will also depend on whether or not you take necessary caution and extra care to make sure it does not break. If you are clumsy then do not expect it to last that long. The damage can be repaired by your nail technician though.

Removal of acrylic nails may be included in the initial price that you pay

Some nail technicians include the price of an acrylic nail removal with the price of placing one. But there are cases too when you will be charged separately for the removal service. Others may not charge you at all especially when you are a valued client.

There are pros and cons of opting for an acrylic nail extension

Acrylic nails can last a long time depending on the nature of work your hands are exposed to doing. You can also soak it off all by yourself at home without asking the help of a professional. Add to that, it is cheaper when compared to getting gel nail extensions. However, you have to take note that it can damage the nail bed since the natural nail is covered by the acrylic. Many times, when the acrylic nails are removed, the nail underneath will become brittle and weak.

If you want to know more about your choices when it comes to having nail extensions apart from using acrylic nails, you can visit an esthetics school and check about other service they offer to keep your nails well-groomed. You will be truly pleased with how estheticians in these schools can make your nails look prettier than they were before!