What You Should Know About Salt Glow Scrub

If you happen to read the title of this article, you will say that everything is quite self-explanatory. You will presume that the salt glow scrub is a type of salt scrub that gives glow to the skin. Well, that is acceptable because that is in fact true, but beyond that implied definition of this spa service commonly offered by experts who have undergone esthetics training, there is much more to know about it.

Salt glow scrub is the same as salt scrub and sea salt scrub

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For those of you who came across with the term salt glow scrub for the first time, you will definitely wonder if this service is different from salt scrub and sea salt scrub. It is actually one and the same thing. The reason why the word ‘glow’ has been added to the name is the fact that a salt scrub is known for exfoliating the skin which will later bring out a glowing one from underneath.  From the result of the process, it became known as salt glow scrub.

The scrub is not made out of pure salt

Some of you may think that it is no longer necessary to visit a salon just to achieve the results of a salt glow scrub. Presumably, you may want to take a handful of salt from your kitchen cupboard then rub the same thing on your skin. How painful can that be? The truth is that the salt glow scrub is not made out of pure salt. It actually combines salt with a lot of other ingredients like oil and aromatics such as lavender, lemon or any other scent that will help hydrate the skin and make it smell good after the process.

It is a more complicated process than you think

This is not because of the add-ons to the scrub but more because of the process behind it. Usually, you will be asked to go into a steam room or wet room depending on the spa that offers the service. You will be asked to lay down on a massage table and to change to an appropriate clothing so that you will not get your clothes soaked in the wet room.

Once you are ready, the massage therapist will then rub the mixture of the scrub over your stomach first going up to the chest and neck down to the feet. You will then turnover to the other side, face down so that the therapist can do the same to this section. As soon as the therapist is through with the process, you will be asked to take a shower to rinse off the scrub from your skin. It will be best not to use a soap or a shower gel when rinsing to allow the scrub to seep into your skin and to enjoy the aromatics in it.

It can be combined with other services

The salt glow scrub can actually be the first step to a whole lot of other services that you can enjoy in a spa. It can go first before that of a body wrap which will detoxify your skin. It can also be combined with a massage. Having the salt scrub first before the massage is good because the scrub has its way of stimulating your senses whilst the massage will relax your body and calm your mind.

Tip to enjoy the service

We all know that salt is fairly abrasive. Depending on which therapist does the service for you, there will come a time when you might feel the salt rubbing extensively into your skin. When this is the case, do not be afraid to ask your therapist to do it gently. That way, you will be able to enjoy the benefits offered by the salt glow scrub without enduring a painful experience.