What Can Go Wrong With Hair Perms?

Everyone wants beautiful wavy hair. Little wonder a perm is also known as a permanent wave. It is achieved by applying a chemical to the hair that changes the texture and structure of the hair. There are several things that can go wrong with hair perms.

Using the wrong timing

A perm can either leave your hair looking glamorous, but can also seriously backfire on you. The chemical needs to stay on the hair for a specified length of time. If the chemical overstays, then the hair becomes over processed. If the chemical is left for less time than intended, then the hair becomes under processed and comes out looking frizzled.

Rinsing the hair inappropriately

Damaged Hair

The chemical solution needs to be completely rinsed off from the hair, otherwise the hair will get damaged and start breaking off. It is important to make sure you use a neutralizing shampoo when washing the hair. It usually has a color indicator that shows when the chemical has completely been rinsed off. The color indicator turns the shampoo foam pink if there is even a slight leftover of chemical. You should make sure you shampoo the hair over and over till the foam turns white.

Going to an unqualified hairdresser

Before you use a hairdresser, be sure to find out whether he or she is qualified in all the aspects of perming. Hairdressers end up getting sued for damaging their clients’ hair and the only reason being they are not knowledgeable enough in the perming process. Make sure you ask for your hairdresser’s credentials in order to avert a hair disaster!

There are many excellent hairdressing schools in Ontario that your hairdresser may have attended – but just be sure, you can check if the hairdresser is qualified. A qualified hairdresser will always do basic things like a hair strand test and advice accordingly. If the hairdresser fails to address such basics, then a red flag should go up.

Incorrect use of rollers

During a perm, rollers are used in order to get that permanent wave. How big you want the waves is dependent on the size of rollers used. The rollers need to be rolled in the correct tension to have the desired effect. Rolling them too tight or too loose will determine how well your perm turns out. The longer the development of the hair, the tighter your curls will be, and the less the development, the looser the curls will be. An experienced hairdresser ought to know how to strike the right balance for an amazing result.

Damaged hair

Sometimes, even the best hairdresser cannot perform a miracle. If you want your hair permed and it is already damaged, nothing the hairdresser does at that point will bring out a good perm. The only solution would be for the hairdresser to advice you on how to heal your hair first before attempting to perm it. Hair has to be healthy before reintroducing a perm. If you disregard the hairdresser’s advice and go ahead with the perm, the results will not be attractive and you would have no one to blame but yourself.

We all want to look like superstars with glossy and gloriously luxurious hair. This look is not achieved by using dubious hairdressers. A perm needs expertise and careful application. You have to get your hair tested first before you even attempt to perm it. Sometimes a hairdresser may refuse to perm your hair, but with good reason.

If the hair is damaged, there is need to heal it first before you even attempt to perm it. Some people prefer tight curls while others prefer waves. The trick is in the roller tension and how well your hairdresser lets the chemical sit on the hair. The right balance is crucial for beautiful and permanent waves.