5 Tips To Get You Through Esthetics School While On A Full Time Job

Having a busy life schedule does not always imply that you are unable to achieve your dreams. You can keep that full time job and still get to go to a beauty college. The trick is in believing in yourself and well, working hard. You did not expect it to be easy now, did you? Here are five tips that will get you through the hardest parts of juggling a busy work schedule and a tight but rewarding esthetics school routine.

The essential to-do list

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The whole idea of having a to-do list is to keep you on track and ensure that you get to finish all your tasks. You can make a daily or weekly list depending on what your schedule is like. The point is to ensure you get to do everything on time. Just because you are juggling school and work doesn’t mean that your tutors or your boss will go easy on you.

Keep a calendar

The only way to plan your time effectively is to keep a calendar since you are likely to forget appointments and deadlines when you get caught up in your other tasks. To be safe, keep a detailed calendar with all the important things that you have to attend to including exams and assignment deadlines. Also, set yourself a couple of alerts to always remind you about the date early enough. Here, the idea is to catch you up with your busy schedule. It sounds weird, but you’ll need to be your own personal assistant here. Well, unless you can afford one that is.

Connect, and use these connections productively

A big part of working in the beauty industry, as in most other industries, is in networking and making good connections that can be of help in your career. You may not have the luxury of waiting until you are done with esthetics school to exploit these connections. Speak to your instructors, supervisors, workmates and even classmates who understand your situation. Usually, you cannot expect much from allies but those who can support you will make your life so much easier.

It could be as simple as covering for you at work when you are running late, or being allowed to leave a class early due to a work commitment. Whatever the case, the only way you will get through this is if someone understands you, even if it is just one person.

Don’t waste time at all

So you have to take a cab or a bus to work? Well, try and take advantage of that ride. You can use this precious time to go through your notes or even check your calendar or even make some important calls. Do not wait to get time. Rather, find time for the things that you need to do in between the moments. Generally, do not take things too seriously to the point of being anxious about everything. Sometimes, you need to just live in the moment and do what you can with what you have.

Have some fun

If you don’t have fun, you will get frustrated at some point. So, make time for conversations that are not work or school related. Eat well, sleep well, and go out as often as you can. Friends and family should be part of your support system so do not neglect them now.

Juggling work and your course at an esthetics school is not easy but it may be the only way to actualize your dream of becoming the professional that you’ve always dreamed of. So buckle up, and bring your A game. It’s totally worth it!